Shanghai Bubble Finally Bursting?

As I have mentioned before, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has had one of the biggest bubbles in history over the last two years. The SSEC index has gone up from a low of 1067 on 28 October 2005 to a high of 6124 on 16 October 2007, an increase of 474% over less than two years!

Click the graph for a larger version.
Since then it has declined to close at 4861 on 27 November. Is this drop of more than 20% the popping of the bubble, or just another false alarm? There have been two previous big scares for Chinese investors this year, the first one in February-March, the second one in June-July, but the Shanghai Stock Exchange recovered from both of them and kept on chugging upwards. However, this latest drop is bigger (percentage-wise) than any of the previous two. If it continues, we could very well see one of the most epic stock market crashes in history.

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