Norwegian Oil Production

The Norwegian Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen is quoted today by Verdens Gang as saying "our oil can become worthless" because of "climate taxes" on burnt oil. She said this in Bali, where she flew for the climate meeting. Of course this climate meeting burns loads of fossil fuels just to get all the politicians there. But I suppose it is important that they get to discuss this, and shine a bit in the press before reality comes swooping in and they can't fly that much or that far any more. Later a spokesman for Halvorsen denied "considering cutting oil production for environmental concerns" and that "There is nothing in the government (program) declaration about a reduction in the pace of production" and "it was not an problematic issue".
However, reality says that the pace of oil production in Norway is problematic. Today Norway is the world's fifth largest oil exporter, pumping roughly 2.4 million barrels per day. However, production has fallen sharply since the top around the year 2000, and is not likely to reverse that trend. So even though what Kristin Halvorsen said was a bit confused, it is likely that they will have to use some kind of cover-up for why they are reducing their oil production.
Also, implying that their oil will become worth less in the future is pure nonsense. With world oil production probably in permanent decline, the remaining oil will on average just become worth more and more. Of course prices will jump up and down, depending on economic factors, but the main price trend for oil is up. It might even make sense for some big producer countries to voluntarily reduce their production in order to boost the price, thereby making even more money in the long run, and saving some of their reserves for hard times. So far, however, nobody seems interested in doing this, but time will tell whether we will see such policies in the future.

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